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Ford, Cameron C.F.
Cameron Ford
Cameron C.F. Ford


Family Law cases are often the most difficult, stressful, and emotional moments in a person's life. When you look to an attorney for representation you not only want someone who understands the law, you also need someone to examine some of the most private aspects of your personal life without judgement. With years of experience representing people of all backgrounds on both sides of the courtroom, attorney Cameron C.F. Ford can be trusted to deliver the best representation under the law without judgment of your circumstances.

Cameron C.F. Ford is a graduate of Seattle University School of Law, one of the best legal writing programs in the country, with a focus on Family and Criminal Law. During law school, he was Editor-in-Chief of the Seattle Journal for Social Justice, a staffer on the Korematsu Center for Law & Equality amicus curiae brief team, and counsel responsible for Domestic Violence Protection Orders at DAWN. By launching his legal career representing victims of domestic violence in the morning then defending the criminally accused in the afternoon, Attorney Ford gained the skills to be effective for clients under any circumstances and a deep understanding of the other side's thought processes.

Before joining Lutz & Associates, Cameron C.F. Ford provided legal services to prison inmates, including family law legal services. Whether it was finalizing a divorce from a cell, ensuring some contact with kids from prison, or adjusting child support orders after being restrained from the workforce, Attorney Ford could handle the case even under the onerous of conditions of confinement and against the suffocating procedures of prisons across the state. No matter the barriers erected by the state or the other party in your case, Attorney Ford is experienced in overcoming them and much worse.

Cameron C.F. Ford believes in responsible negotiation to settle cases as frequently as possible before the burdens and costs of trial. His insight into the opposing party frequently allows a settlement that maximizes his client's benefit. Attorney Ford feels he ‘wins' when the client's settlement is large, but their attorney fees are low. When trial becomes unavoidable, he ensures his client is informed at every step and incorporates the onerous monetary and emotional toll of the proceedings into the arguments before the court.

If you desire a family law attorney you can trust with even your most delicate circumstances, who can sit unmovable against the raging emotions and chaos of a family law proceeding and calmly resolve your case, you will want Cameron C.F. Ford


  • Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, Washington