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“Help – I don’t have all the documents I need for my case!”
It’s actually a common problem, since documents often provide the platform for litigation. And that’s why LLO attorneys can work with you to obtain the critical paperwork for your family law action.

Tacoma Pierce County Law

Under Tacoma Pierce County law, parties involved in a case can use the discovery process to obtain important documents from each other, or from alternate sources. LLO attorneys can even subpoena businesses, or request copies of physical or mental exams. The bottom line is that LLO attorneys will identify the papers you’ll need to prepare for court, and they’ll tailor your requests to your case.

What are Interrogatories?

The discovery process can also be used to obtain information through interrogatories, or key questions posed to the other party. Working with their clients, LLO attorneys develop interrogatories by focusing on specific areas in each case. In some instances, though, a party who fails to provide answers or documents might be sanctioned. So LLO attorneys can also assist you in responding to interrogatories and other requests for information.

Deposition Preparation Cannot be Ignored

Another means of obtaining information is through a deposition, or when a person answers questions under oath while being recorded by a court reporter. The transcript is often used in trial preparation, and can be helpful in settlement negotiations. If a deposition is requested of you, preparation is important, and LLO attorneys will walk you through the procedure.

What’s E-Discovery?

With the expanded use of the internet and social networking sites, e-discovery is another key investigational tool. As most people are aware, personal information is often easily found on the internet and can be used for a variety of purposes, including your family case. Through e-discovery, important facts that might change the outcome of litigation sometimes come to light, including photos that rebut claims by a party, or e-mails in which parties make telling admissions. LLO attorneys are familiar with e-discovery and know which sites can provide significant information.

Be Prudent and Consult with an Attorney

While it is rare for discovery to turn up the so-called “smoking gun” in a family law case, documents tell their own stories. If you don’t believe it, try looking through your own bank statement—with the regular use of debit cards, there is a wealth of information about you (where you eat, shop, and play) right there in black-and-white. Selecting the most strategic documents for your case can be confusing and overwhelming, but LLO attorneys will guide you through the paperwork according to the court rules and deadlines.

The discovery process is multi-faceted, and some of its many options could benefit your case. Therefore, LLO attorneys can help you develop a strategic discovery plan that meets your needs, objectives, and budget.