At what time can I pick up my child from the non-custodial parent on his holiday? I am the custodial parent. This Labor Day is my ex’s holiday according to the parenting plan. His recent email says he will not allow me to pick up our child on Labor Day (I suggested I pick her up at 8, 9 or 10pm). While an extra overnight with her dad is not going to harm her, he now also says he will only drop her off Tuesday, at my work and I’m not “allowed” to get her any earlier than when he drops her off. He has yet to tell me what time he will drop her off.

Section III of parenting plans cover the child or children’s residential schedule. Within this section is a paragraph that addresses holidays. Sometimes the parties delete some of the holidays from the mandatory form. If a holiday is deleted, then you follow other parts of Section III to know where the child or children reside. For the holidays that are listed, usually the language in this section states at what time the holiday begins and at what time it ends. If it does not state the time and you and the other party are unable to agree, you should file a motion asking for an order to clarify the times.