3 beneficial reasons to keep your cool during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Divorce

Even the best person can fall prey to resentment and anger during a divorce. Many partners who loved and supported each other for years suddenly find they have nothing good to say about the other, and often, that negative vibe can become public.

What’s the harm in letting loose a snarky word or two? In truth, trashing a soon-to-be-ex can damage someone’s reputation, create anger and resentment from their extended family and, in many cases, hurt their chances for a favorable divorce outcome.

Taking the high road saves money and relieves anxiety

Anyone going through divorce needs to understand that making unkind comments about their spouse, either verbally or on social media, can come back to cost them later. Instead, taking an amicable and businesslike approach can lead to a better result in three crucial areas:

  • Dividing assets: Publicly bashing a spouse can have a negative impact on their lives and work relationships, making it less likely they’ll be willing to negotiate in good faith. A longer and more difficult process costs more, both emotionally and financially.
  • Child custody: Courts focus on a child’s well-being when deciding custody. A judge wants to hear a reasonable argument on why kids should spend more time with you. Airing grievances can put a parent in a bad light with the court and result in less time with their children.
  • Relieving stress: Taking an amicable, or at least a civil approach makes it easier to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, which saves money and reduces stress levels for everyone involved. It can also set a good example going forward for co-parenting.

Guard against momentary meltdowns

In today’s world, assume everything you post online or say in front of others is public. Even one instance of losing your patience can be used against you in court. Divorce is stressful enough, even when both parties work together to settle their differences. An experienced family law attorney can help you deal with that stress by pursuing your interests to achieve a favorable outcome.