Is your co-parent sabotaging your parenting time?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Child Custody

Let’s face it: most marriages don’t end on good terms. You and your ex may have deep-rooted resentment towards one another and no desire to be involved in each other’s lives. However, if you have children together, severing all ties is unfortunately not an option.

A comprehensive custody agreement and parenting plan can establish good guidelines to help you and your ex co-exist as parents. But what happens when your co-parent tries to get in the way of your relationship with your children?

In today’s post, we examine this phenomenon – known as parenting time interference. This problem can present itself in various ways:

Direct interference

Direct interference occurs when a co-parent acts in a way that directly deprives their ex of time with their child. For example:

  • Your co-parent violates the parenting time agreement by taking your child on a day designated for you
  • Your co-parent violates their court order by leaving the state with your child
  • Your co-parent cancels visitation time – or shortens it by dropping your child off late
  • Your co-parent denies you visitation time as a penalty for your failure to pay child support

Indirect interference

There are other types of interference which may not overtly violate court orders but are nonetheless harmful to your relationship with your child. For instance:

  • Your co-parent talks poorly of you in front of your child
  • Your co-parent asks your child to spy on you and report back to them
  • Your co-parent deliberately impedes your communication with your child


No matter what kind of interference issues you’re facing, there’s hope. Take detailed notes of any such infractions and report them to your lawyer. They can help to impose penalties on the offending co-parent – which may include fines, changes to the parenting time plan and even counseling.

You deserve to have a solid relationship with your children. Don’t let a malicious ex-spouse interfere with your right to your family.