January uptick in divorce doesn’t mean it’s the best month to file

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Divorce

Families are unique. Each family has its own way of moving, communicating, responding to adversity and simply handling their day-to-day lives. Divorce is really no different. Despite having set laws that govern the process in each jurisdiction, divorce is a very personal matter. With the unique needs of a family, it is important to have a divorce attorney who understands them.

Even though each couple approaches divorce in their own way, there seem to be some divorce trends across the nation. One of these is an uptick in filing during the month of January, lasting through March. Why the increase? It depends.

Tax implications

There are some people who argue that filing in January is the best time because of the tax considerations. Waiting until a tax year is completely over means that a couple can still check that box “married filing jointly” on their tax returns. Others may argue that it is best because salary bonuses might be handed out at this time and available for consideration in alimony determinations.

Holiday considerations

In other cases, couples don’t see it as the best time to file, but simply because it is the month that follows the biggest holiday season of the year. Some couples just don’t want a divorce announcement to damper family get-togethers. For others, the holidays were used as their last attempt at making the marriage work.

Season of new beginnings

For other couples still, a January divorce is about New Year’s resolutions. It is about taking that first step towards a fresh start. So, the beginning of a new year may feel like a more appropriate time to make a significant life change.

The answer to the question “when should I file for divorce?” really does vary on a case-by-case basis. If you’re wondering whether a divorce is right for you, and what factors you should consider in this decision, an experienced divorce attorney may be able to offer you some valuable guidance.