Coping with the holidays after a recent divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Divorce

The holidays can be difficult for anyone; the challenges can be even greater if you are recently divorced. If you are struggling with stress, social demands or financial woes in the aftermath of a recent divorce, know that you are not alone. And there are some ways to make navigating this tricky time of year easier. 

Start new traditions

Traditions can be a big part of the holidays. You may be used to the rhythm and expectations that come with doing the same thing every year, and not being able to observe traditions in the same way can be very upsetting.

However, every tradition starts somewhere; this can be the year you create some of your own. You might host a dinner for friends, spend a night in a hotel with your kids or volunteer at a local charity. Inviting your kids to start a tradition can also be a fun opportunity.

Doing new things with the people you love and giving back to the less fortunate can be quite fulfilling and give you something new to look forward to every year.

Reach out to others

Chances are, it has been a very stressful year for you. Between divorce and the holidays, you can be feeling some difficult emotions. Reaching out to others during this time can be crucial in helping you protect your well-being and help you navigate this time in a more positive way. 

Some people you might connect with include:

  • Your family members
  • Friends
  • A counselor or therapist
  • Neighbors and others in your community
  • People at your church, synagogue, mosque or other places of worship

Even if you haven’t connected with these people before or in a long time, reaching out to them during this time can be a lifeline.

Remember: A new year is right around the corner

As stressful as the holidays may be, remember that they are temporary. In a matter of weeks, we will all turn the calendar page and start a new year. Knowing that is right around the corner can make it easier to cope with challenges today.