Is my ex using technology to turn my child against me?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Child Custody

A divorce can be incredibly draining, especially if you are a parent and your ex is not making things easier. For instance, you could be worried about the lengths your ex might go to to try and “win” when it comes to parenting time. They might even try and turn your child against you.

Using tech to manipulate your child

Parental alienation refers to behaviors parents (or other parties) utilize to damage the relationship between a child and their parent. Often, it happens when the parent is spending time with the child.

However, technology has made it easier than ever for a parent to engage in manipulation away from a child, so it is crucial to beware if your ex is:

  • Spreading false allegations about you on social media
  • Posting unflattering videos or pictures of you online
  • Sending false information about you to your child
  • Publishing manipulated or fabricated conversations involving you

These are just some of the ways your ex could manipulate your child without even being in the same room as them. 

Your ex could also use technology to spy on you and use it against you. Some ways they might do this include:

  • Installing spyware on your phone or computer
  • Gaining access to smart home devices like video doorbells and cameras inside your home
  • Hiding a tracking device on your car or with your child’s belongings
  • Having your child record you or your conversations without your knowledge
  • Repeatedly texting or calling your child to interfere with your parenting time

Even though many of these ploys are illegal, manipulative parents could still use them to try and hurt you.

What you can do 

In some cases, these alienation efforts rise to the level of emotional abuse. Because of how harmful these behaviors are to your child and your relationship with them, it is crucial to prevent them and put a stop to them as soon as you notice.

You can do this by ensuring you have a fair parenting plan in place that allows you to spend meaningful time with your child so you can develop or continue a positive relationship. Should you notice any red flags suggesting parental alienation, you can consult a counselor or attorney immediately to discuss possible remedies to stop it.