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Tacoma Family Law Blog

3 important benefits of using mediation in divorce

Divorce can be an incredibly turbulent process. There might be hurt feelings, distrust and a desire to seek revenge. In addition, issues surrounding property division and child custody can add extra stress to an already strained relationship. Going through acrimonious...

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How can you talk to your kids about your divorce?

Many parents consider the divorce talk to be one of the hardest conversations they will ever have with their children. While you may feel the temptation to procrastinate, Psychology Today suggests that you should act quickly to keep your children from learning the...

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Should you date during your divorce?

As you transition away from married life, you may wonder if you should start dating before finalizing the divorce. It can be tempting to begin a new relationship for a variety of reasons. However, before you start dating, it is important to understand how it will...

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Problem-solving tips for you and your co-parent

Parenting isn’t easy when spouses are happily married, so it’s understandable when a separation or divorce leads to turmoil over custody and visitation matters. While the end of a marriage can lead to bitter or hurtful feelings between ex-spouses, both of you owe it...

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How to prepare for your divorce mediation

You and your ex have decided to resolve your divorce through mediation. Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of relief that you can avoid a turbulent, drawn-out litigation process. But what do you need to do to get ready for mediation? Will you just show up and hope for the...

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