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Tacoma Family Law Blog

Establishing paternity through genetic testing

The paternity of a child is not always clear cut. Sometimes a mother may be uncertain about who the biological father of her child is. In other cases, the mother may not wish to acknowledge the father – and the father may want to establish their parental rights to...

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Handling back-to-school after a divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce is not always easy, and when back-to-school issues are thrown into the mix, it can become even more stressful. But there are ways to make things easier for parents and children – so stress levels are lower, and everyone can have a good...

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Divorce and the dreaded deposition

It's obvious. Your marriage isn't working anymore. You are your spouse are both unhappy, and your children are living in a stressful and unhealthy environment. Rather than continuing in an unhappy marriage, divorce may be the best option. Once you’ve made the decision...

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Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham gets divorced

Former Fleetwood Mac lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and his wife Kristen Messner have gone “their own way.” Messner ended the 21-year marriage when she filed for divorce in Los Angeles, according to court records. The pair met at a 2000 photoshoot in which Messner...

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