Tacoma Military Divorce Lawyers

Located near Joint Base Lewis McChord, the attorneys at Lutz Ramos & Teal are equipped to handle and have experience dealing with divorce and family law matters that exist within families with ties to the military.

  • Having a loved one in the military puts a strain on your entire family. Unfortunately, this career choice sometimes tears families apart. We are dedicated to resolving your case with compassion and the sensitivity warranted by the nature of the case.
  • Our office sees the same types of family law cases in military families as we do in civilian families. The difference is the extreme stress that is placed on military families, especially if the serviceman or woman has been overseas, or is being sent overseas.
  • Our attorney David Lutz was a member of the military for many years. He can provide perspective when pursuing cases of military divorce and family law. Mr. Lutz understands the unique pressures that military servicemen and women face. This empathy assists us in pursuing your case more effectively.

We understand the additional stress that military families endure.

Divorces and other family law matters related to families of servicemen and women are all too common. Since our lawyer David Lutz was in the military for quite some time, we are able to assist you with all of your military divorce proceedings. Though these can be very painful divorces, sometimes it is in the best interest of all of the parties involved. Let us assess your case involving a member of the military.

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Click here to contact a military divorce lawyer at Lutz Ramos & Teal to enlist professional help.  We are sensitive to the nature of your case. We use our experience to confidently pursue your case to get a resolution as quickly as possible. Let us assess your case and determine the best course of action in your individual situation.

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