At Lutz Ramos & Teal, we understand the problems of children living in a non-suitable family environment. We offer experienced legal representation to help clients in third party custody actions to protect children with unfit parents.

Attorneys David Lutz, Jorge Ramos and Adam Teal help clients understand third party or non-parental child custody and the circumstances under which it is permitted. There are many family circumstances in which it is in the child’s best interest to be raised and cared for by another family member, such as:

  • A parent is in prison.
  • The child is abused or neglected by the parent.
  • A parent is not ready to care for a child on his or her own.
  • A parent has a drug, alcohol or substance abuse problem.
  • Other situations which show the parents are not suitable custodians of the child.

Contact a Third Party Custody Lawyer at Lutz Law Offices

Click here to contact a Third Party Custody lawyer at Lutz Ramos & Teal. We help non-parents through the third party child custody process. We work with the family to negotiate agreements when possible. Our attorneys have the experience to represent clients in highly contested matters whenever necessary. We also represents couples in step-parent adoption proceedings.

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