Legal Separation

Capable Guidance Through Legal Separation

Like a divorce, legal separation involves issues of property division, child custody and a parenting plan. However, legal separation is not the same as a divorce. There are a few key differences between these options. Lutz & Associates, P.S., can help you understand legal separation and the separation process.

What Legal Separation Means For Couples

Legal separation helps spouses part ways in an organized way – without fully dissolving the marriage. Neither spouse can remarry unless they transition to a divorce. At least six months after finalizing legal separation, either spouse can file to convert the separation to a divorce.

Some couples choose this option for religious purposes, while others prefer a legal separation for personal reasons. For example, you may seek a legal separation temporarily while you work to reconcile conflict. Alternatively, you may wish to retain Social Security benefits through the marriage, which divorce would prevent.

This publication does not discuss all the differences between legal separation and dissolution; you should consult a lawyer with specific questions about the difference. If either spouse wants a dissolution instead of separation, the court will grant a dissolution.

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