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Professional help and advice.
I have retained Mr. David Lutz and associates for over a decade. My family and I gave always received friendly, courteous, and professional services. Mr. Lutz and his team are thorough and always on time. I would and have recommended him to my friends.

Best Family Law Attorney.
Mr. Lutz took the time to review my case from the very beginning to get a better understanding of my situation. It was a history of 11 years back. He knew exactly what I was dealing with and understood my concerns. He was very prompt when returning my calls. He was not hard to reach if I needed to ask a question and returned emails in a flash. His location was easy to find and his office is warm and inviting. His staff are amazing and everyone is there to help you. He made me feel like I was important and explained things in terms anyone can understand. (Don’t we all dislike lawyer gibberish which is hard to understand) Not with David!

If you need the best, do not hesitate to retain this outstanding legal team.
There were many issues in our court case that had David not been representing me I am very sure would have gone the other way. He always knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and what to expect next. When opposing counsel made a move he had a countermove ready and waiting.

I fully believe that had I not retained Mr. Lutz I would be only a weekend father, missing out on all of the joyous moments I have been able to experience with my son. He now resides with me full time and my life is so much richer and more rewarding because of it.

I would highly recommend Lutz & Associates, P.S., all of who were supportive, informative and highly professional and at the same time very compassionate. I have recommended Mr. Lutz to several friends and family members and will continue to do so. I owe him more than any dollar amount will ever cover. Without a doubt, he gave me my son. There is no doubt I would not have won this case without his astute legal skills.


Rollin G.

David was a pleasure to work with and I owe him all my thanks for what he did for me.
David was kind, friendly, sympathetic, and understanding. In my opinion he is a remarkable lawyer. I was in the midst of a custody battle over my 7 year old son and David worked diligently to get my son back. He was professional and always kept me up to date on what he was doing with my case. I highly recommend David Lutz for his expertise; he is a valuable lawyer to have in your corner.

Gina L.

After much research and preliminary talks with other law offices, I retained David and his staff to represent me in a divorce action.
David was very upfront and forthright in explaining what I should expect, emotionally and financially, and requested I think about the path I was beginning to follow before retaining him. I did as he requested, but eventually told him to continue with the action.

David and I prepared a plan of action. He allowed me the opportunity to provide my thoughts and direction as needed. While David did not agree 100% with how I wanted to proceed, he followed my final decisions 100%.

David and his staff provide the most professional service I have seen with any law office in my 28 years as a police officer. David is a definite benefit as an advocate. I can’t say enough for David and his staff and the service they provide. I recommend David to anyone who needs a great family lawyer. He will provide you with the service you need.


Kirk R.

I used Lutz & Associates, P.S. to handle my divorce. They are very fast on the paperwork and replying to emails and phone calls.
They are passionate about ensuring that all documents are filled out correctly with little to no errors; which is much better then other Law Offices that I have seen. They are about the same as all the other lawyer in the area.

Kyle R.

I had a good experience with Mr. Lutz and his team of professionals.
They worked hard to ensure that my case was being handled correctly. I feel very comfortable and confident with the decision that I have made to let them assist me through my time of hardship. I have seen that they work very diligently as a family law firm. Thanks, Lutz & Associates, P.S..

Kim P.

I was pleasantly surprised when I met Mr. Lutz that he was personable, knowledgeable and willing to listen.
Accessibility is a key factor in selecting an attorney. My divorce needed to be amended, he and his staff worked quickly and the amendment was soon completed. I have actually referred this law office to some of my friends who have that lost look when trying to determine where to go to get representation.

Suzette D.

Mr. Lutz is a competent and trustworthy lawyer.
My first impression of his firm was in an initial conversation with him. He exuded the principles I believe every attorney should possess. Those being understanding, patience, critical thinking and problem solving. He proved that he was very knowledgeable about this niche in law.

Without hesitation he offered honest and straight forward opinions on the matter at hand. He doesn’t promise results to give a false sense of comfort but promises his best efforts and resolve. His follow through on his promise is both thorough and timely. His professionalism is evident in every step of the process.

Throughout it all Mr. Lutz works to ensure that you receive the best resources on your case. However, he is also diligent to ensure that you are not paying for unnecessary service. As a professional I was fully satisfied with his teams effort and demeanor. As a young …


Mike F.


Family Law

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders