Download the Tacoma Pierce County Parenting Plan eBook

The best parenting plan is one that works well for everyone, but creating these plans is often more complex than simply splitting up time with your children. Therefore, it’s critical that you consider the needs of your family before submitting a plan, because once it’s filed it’s difficult to change. At Lutz & Associates, P.S. we’ll discuss your co-parenting goals in-depth, and work with you to draft a plan that fits your preferences.

Visitation Arrangements and Provisions

The parenting plan covers how you’ll share your children with your ex-spouse throughout each year, so think about the ways it will affect your family until the last child turns 18. Included in the plan will be a schedule for custody throughout the week, as well as on birthdays and holidays, plus details about where older children will go during school breaks. Other provisions can also be added, such as specifics on when parents can phone children or attend school and sports activities, how the children will travel between parents, and how parents will communicate (e.g., phone calls, e-mail, or exchanging a notebook at transfers). Since Lutz & Associates, P.S. attorneys have handled many different situations, we’re familiar with the fine points to custom-tailor your plan to your needs.

Tacoma Pierce County Law and Legal Restrictions

Tacoma Pierce County law ensures that parenting plans can also include boundaries for children’s time with an adult. Visits can be restricted or even denied if a parent has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, or a long-term emotional or physical impairment, or if there has been neglect or willful abandonment. In addition, the plan can require a parent to submit to alcohol and drug evaluations before visitation, or stipulate that a parent’s contact is monitored by a family member or court-appointed supervisor. Because Lutz & Associates, P.S. attorneys are experienced in handling these types of cases, we can fulfill your requirements no matter what your situation.

Filing your Parenting Plan with the Court

The first step in finalizing the parenting plan, or modifying an existing one, is to file a proposed plan. If parents don’t agree on some issues, the court might appoint a guardian ad litem (a neutral third person who acts on behalf of the children) to investigate. The guardian ad litem’s report might make additional recommendations to include in the final documents. If there are conflicting issues in your case, Lutz & Associates, P.S. attorneys can help resolve them, and we’ll guide you through the entire process from filing to finalizing your parenting plan.