How your ex’s social media could help you in your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Divorce

Social media sites contain a wealth of information. People post pictures from vacation, announce job promotions and share updates about their kids on these platforms. However, anything posted on social media is considered public – and could be used as evidence during a divorce.

Even if you’ve already deleted your ex on social media, it’s still possible for you to find out what they’re posting. This could be through mutual friends or an outside source. Any information obtained from their profiles could be presented as evidence in court.

Evidence from social media sites can affect the court’s decisions about child support, custody and alimony. Information from your ex’s profiles could answer questions about the following:

  • Whether they have hidden assets: Social media is a common way to discover hidden possessions. Perhaps your ex posts a photo of their brand-new boat after claiming to have low income. This could support the claim that they have more money than they’re admitting.
  • How they are raising your child: Your ex’s profile could show evidence of bad parenting. If they upload a photo of themselves drinking with friends while they were supposed to be watching your child, a judge could rule that they’re not fit for custody.
  • Whether they are dating: Your ex joining a dating app could lead to many questions: Were they faithful during your marriage? Are your children meeting the people they’re dating? You may have concerns about the influences such strangers could have on your kids – and this may affect your decisions when you negotiate a parenting plan.

Going through a divorce can be messy, and social media can further complicate things. While you may be able to glean useful information from your ex’s accounts, it’s worth remembering that the reverse is also true. You may want to consider taking a break from posting on social media altogether until your divorce is final.