How living in Tacoma could actually benefit your marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Divorce

It may sound absurd to assert that the place you live can have an impact on the stability of something as personal as your marriage. However, there’s one key area that plays an unexpectedly large role in one’s marriage – and in this area, Tacoma is especially impressive. We’re talking about commute time.

The commute time for a typical Tacoma resident is below the national average – only 28 minutes. According to a recent study, increased commute time has a negative impact on a marriage’s success rate. Here’s what the research says:

Your commute affects your happiness

The longer a spouse’s commute time, the less happy they are overall, and the more likely there is to be marital strife. Spending hours stuck in traffic each day leads to higher stress rates and increased frustration. Researchers found that study participants who commuted more than an hour each way needed to earn 40% more than the income of a non-commuter in order to maintain the same level of satisfaction in life.

Your happiness affects your relationships

In addition, researchers discovered that a marriage’s viability is affected when a spouse’s commute time exceeds 45 minutes. When a spouse’s commute time surpasses this amount, the couple is 40% more likely to separate.

Don’t let your commute drag you down

If you live in Tacoma, your chances of having a short commute are high. However, if you do have a long commute, there are certain things you can do to improve your mood on the road. Listen to an enjoyable podcast or audiobook on your drive, or sing along to your favorite music. If you have hands-free phone technology in your car, use your drive as an opportunity to catch up with family and friends. Taking deliberate action to improve your wellbeing behind the wheel can have a positive impact on your marriage.