How will your dog handle your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Divorce

Your marriage is coming to an unexpected end. It feels like your world is crashing down around you. You may be consumed with anger or grief. Or maybe you’re in a hurry to rid the house of any trace of your ex as quickly as possible.

While it’s easy to focus on how devastating this experience is for you, it’s important to bear in mind that it will also take a serious emotional toll on your pooch. In today’s post, we examine how your dog will react to your divorce.

Negative emotions

Dogs are extraordinarily sensitive and perceptive animals. They recognize when something is wrong – when there is a hostile or despondent atmosphere at home. Such an environment may make them nervous, and they may react with unusual behavior. Your dog could start pacing anxiously or whining. They may become withdrawn. They could even develop destructive behavior. However, once the humans in the household calm down emotionally, these behaviors will likely subside.

Changes in routine

Dogs like regularity. When things suddenly deviate from the norm, they can start to act nervous or depressed. If your ex always took your dog for a walk before breakfast, and that routine suddenly disappeared once they left, your dog may respond poorly. When other familiar constants are removed – such as the furniture that belonged to your ex or the very smell of your ex in the house – your dog can interpret these changes as alarming.

The good news is, dogs are adaptable – and they will get over the loss of your partner eventually. But it’s important to be alert to – and understanding of – their emotional state during this major transition in both of your lives.