Getting ready for summer if you share custody

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Child Custody

Summer is right around the corner. If this is your first summer as a parent sharing custody of your child, now can be a good time to start some planning. 

Get your schedules straight

Depending on the details of your parenting time agreement, summer months could look very different in terms of your time with your child.

For instance, you may have more or less time than you do during your child’s school year. There could also be camps, childcare and vacations that change your regular schedule. 

Address these now and ensure you and your child’s other parent are on the same page. You should know where the child will be and who will be responsible for them at all times. 

Make your arrangements

Your child may be out of school, but unless you are a teacher or not working, you can still have a work schedule to stick to.

Thus, other arrangements can be necessary. If you must register your child for camp or hire a care provider, do so sooner than later to avoid scheduling mix-ups and confusion. If you wait too long, you could miss out on opportunities for your kids.

Further, if you plan to travel with your children this summer, make sure you have all the necessary permissions and documentation to do so. These preparations are especially crucial if you are traveling out of the state or country.

Talk to your kids

Minimizing surprises can be crucial when it comes to helping your child make difficult transitions. As this is also their first summer with new custody and living arrangements, make it a priority to speak to them now and help them anticipate what – if anything – will change over the summer.

Taking these steps now can give you and your children peace of mind about the coming months. It also gives you the time you may need to put necessary measures in place so that you remain in compliance with your custody order.