Complications that can arise during a military divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Military Divorce

Every divorce has the potential to be complicated and contentious, but military divorces involve some unique factors that can make them particularly challenging. Preparing for these issues can be crucial if you, your spouse or both of you serve in the military and are ending your marriage.


Relocation, living on bases in different states and serving overseas puts a lot of space between spouses and their families. This distance can make some issues more difficult to resolve during a divorce. 

For instance, what will your child custody and living arrangements look like? How will you communicate efficiently? If you are a civilian and your spouse is located elsewhere, will you be capable of navigating the family legal system here in Washington? Could living so far apart create concern regarding hidden assets?

Complex assets and finances

Military divorces can involve properties owned in multiple states or countries as well as valuable military benefits. There are also different types of pay for servicemembers, including base, special and incentive pay. 

Further, the laws that dictate how you categorize and divide these assets and properties will vary based on the state where you file for divorce. Because military families often move around a lot and sometimes live separately, this can create some complications.

Immense stress

Military families often deal with immense stress in relation to a person’s service. This may not necessarily subside when spouses divorce. This stress can complicate feelings and make it difficult to think clearly. It could cause a person to lash out or make decisions without thinking.

Tackling this stress by speaking with a counselor, seeking support groups and taking care of yourself can be hugely beneficial in settling divorce-related matters.

Preparing for these potential challenges can make the difference between a smooth divorce and a contentious legal battle. Knowing what may lay ahead affords you the chance to have what you need ready and organized, making it much easier to navigate complex issues.