What are temporary orders in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Divorce

In the immediate aftermath of the decision to divorce, everything may seem a bit chaotic. All of the normal “rules” you’ve been operating by in your relationship are now out the window, and you have to find a new way to handle everything from paying the household bills to taking care of the children.

This is where temporary orders can help. These are basically a framework for spouses to follow while the details of their divorce are worked out.

What are these orders designed to cover?

It’s important to note that the initial temporary orders can be modified down the line at the request of either spouse, as long as the court agrees to the plan. In general, however, temporary orders are designed to safeguard marital assets, help keep both parties financially stable and provide the necessary time and space for the two sides to engage in meaningful negotiations.

With that in mind, temporary orders can direct:

  • Who remains in the family home
  • Who gets which vehicle to drive
  • Who will pay what household costs
  • Whether one spouse will pay support to the other
  • How custody and visitation of the children will be handled
  • How marital funds can be used (and how they should be preserved)

Temporary orders can also include temporary restraining orders that prohibit the spouses from interacting or place limits on how one spouse can contact the other or see their children, although these are generally used only when there’s been a threat of violence.

Temporary orders, whatever their form, can set the tone for your entire divorce, so it’s wise to have experienced legal guidance as you proceed with your request to establish or modify some ground rules for your split.