What’s an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Divorce

Some couples battle it out to the bitter end of their marriage, while other couples simply agree that neither of them is happy and that it’s time to move on.

If you find yourself in the second category, you may be able to obtain an uncontested divorce. This is where your spouse joins your petition for the divorce (or, at least, doesn’t deny the fact that your marriage is irretrievably broken), and you can agree on all the important issues that need to be settled with the assistance of your attorney – without forcing the court to step in. All the court is asked to do is approve your agreement once it’s done.

What are the advantages of an uncontested divorce?

One of the biggest benefits of going this route is that you can minimize your expenses. A “contested” divorce, which has one or more issues that must be litigated, can be financially draining. No matter what your financial situation, an uncontested divorce can leave more resources that you and your spouse can divide and allocate toward your future – and that’s never a bad thing.

In addition, an uncontested divorce offers a host of other benefits, including:

  • Faster resolution times: Litigated divorces are at the mercy of the court’s docket, and they often have rounds of negotiations and hearings. When you choose an uncontested divorce, you can operate on your own time schedule. If you and your spouse are able to come to quick agreements, you can shorten the process considerably.
  • Less disruption: That control over your schedule can also help you minimize the interruptions that divorce will bring to your personal or professional life. You can schedule your negotiations around your job, business or other endeavors more easily.
  • Greater privacy: If you’re a prominent business professional or you have a significant social standing in your community, your privacy may be a big concern. By avoiding court hearings and public disclosures of your personal information, you can avoid unnecessary scrutiny over your private life and protect your overall reputation.
  • More control: Nobody likes the idea of a stranger making big decisions over their life, but that’s what happens when you litigate and ask the court to intercede. By directly negotiating the terms of their split, couples can customize their agreements to fit their family’s unique needs.

Divorce can be both emotionally and financially taxing, but it doesn’t have to be brutal. If you’re interested in a quick end to your marriage and your spouse agrees, it’s worth exploring an uncontested option.