Girl’s entire 3rd grade class attends her adoption

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Adoption

There are so many ways to have a family. Some people decide to have children through the miracle of adoption, which is a beautiful choice. But it can also be complex. Fortunately, there are professionals to help prospective parents through every stage of the adoption process.

The recent story of one young girl’s adoption, which was attended by 110 students from her elementary school, shows just how supportive communities can be of this rewarding process.

A heartwarming community celebration

A third-grade girl recently celebrated her official adoption – joined by all the other third graders, a few other students and some teachers. Prior to being adopted, she had lived in three different foster homes, then came to live with her now-mom about one year ago. She had to change schools with each foster home, but now she will enjoy the stability of staying in the same school as her supportive classmates. 

Arranging for the entire third-grade class to attend the adoption was no easy feat. They needed $402 to pay for three buses to transport all of the kids to the event. One third grader – a close friend of the adopted child – responded to this obstacle by writing a letter to the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), asking them to use their discretionary funding to bus all of the kids to the local county justice center for the event. The PTO agreed.

The center where the adoption took place was filled with happy tears and singing as everyone celebrated the occasion.

This girl’s story highlights how adoption can be a wonderful blessing for parents, children and the community. There are many resources available to help prospective parents with the process.

If you are considering adoption, consulting with a family law attorney experienced in adoption is an important first step. They can help you understand your options and ensure that the process is handled properly.