4 pictures you shouldn’t post online if you are getting divorced

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Divorce

During a contentious legal battle, everything you do or say can be under a microscope, including your online activities. More specifically, you may want to refrain from posting four types of images if you are going through a divorce or other family legal matter.

Incriminating photos of yourself

Adults are free to engage in behaviors like drinking, staying out late and spending time with others. However, keep in mind that if you post images of you partying or hanging out with dangerous people, the courts may look at you differently when making judgments on your character.

Therefore, refrain from posting pictures that your ex can use to paint you in a negative light, even when they are out of context.

Pictures to upset your ex

Posting unflattering or intimate photos of your ex online to make them mad can be tempting, but it is a big mistake. Using social media this way can create or exacerbate conflicts with your ex, friends, and even your kids.

Further, in some cases, you could face criminal charges if you harass, threaten or humiliate them by sharing certain photos.

Pictures of your child

When you are divorcing, know that your children are in a very delicate position. They may not appreciate you putting their pictures online without permission, and you could be putting their safety and well-being in danger if you share more than you intend to, like their location or vulnerabilities.

Additionally, using social media to try and paint yourself as a specific type of parent can come off as manipulative. Until you resolve your divorce and all child-related issues, think carefully before posting images of your children online.

Photos that contradict statements in court

Are you requesting spousal support? Trying to reduce your child support obligations? Did you say that you sold that piece of property your ex asked for when dividing your property?

The pictures you post online could contradict these statements if they show you doing things like taking vacations or buying lavish gifts. Even a photo of you in your home could reveal you still have that property you claimed to have sold.

Being cautious when posting pictures online during a divorce can seem like an overreaction. However, doing so can have far more benefits than you might think and help you navigate your divorce more easily.