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The thought of filing for divorce can be intimidating to many individuals. There is paperwork to complete, agreements to review and sign, and possibly children to consider. To confidently bring an end to all of these matters, you need a competent, experienced legal team on your side to handle your divorce. Since 1997, our attorneys at Lutz & Associates, P.S., have been representing clients through the process of divorce, including military divorces.

We Handle All Matters Related to Divorce in Tacoma:

  • Asset and Debt Division: Divorce is more than just the dissolution of a marriage. It can also include the legal separation of debt and assets including: real estate, financial assets, pensions/retirement funds, businesses, and more.
  • Child and Spousal Support: While child and spousal support are handled differently by the courts, the divorce attorneys at Lutz & Associates, P.S. will analyze your case and offer solutions tailored to your situation.
  • Child Custody: When a divorce also includes deciding on child custody and visitation plans, the best interests of the child(ren) should be at the heart of the case. You can trust that our Family Law attorneys will work with all parties involved to ensure the best results for the child(ren) while preserving your parental rights.
  • Legal Separation: Much like divorce, there are issues of division with separation as well. We will help you identify the differences and formulate a plan to move forward that best suits the needs of you and your family.

Whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or the spouse responding to a divorce petition, we can help. An experienced attorney will personally review your case, and work with you to identify a plan that suits your specific family law situation. Though you may sometimes deal with one of our outstanding paralegals or support staff, you will always have an attorney at the helm of your case to steer it in the right direction. Do not be pushed around with regard to your divorce. Let us stand beside you to help gain a positive result to your case if possible.

How long will a divorce take in Washington?

In Washington state, the soonest a divorce can be finalized is 90 days after both filing and service have occurred. However, a contested divorce can potentially take a year or longer to resolve. The amount of time that a specific case will require will depend entirely on the issues of the individual case.

What steps are involved in the divorce process?

This depends on the issues involved. First, you file a petition and summons. Once the other person is served, then the process begins. If you cannot wait until finalization of the process to get relief, you can always ask the court for temporary orders to carry you through the process.

Does it make a difference who files for divorce first?

It does not.

Can you estimate the cost of my divorce?

Generally, no, as it is not possible to guess what the other side is going to do. However, if your divorce is issue-specific, it is possible to give you a fairly close estimate.

What if my spouse fights the dissolution?

Everyone has a right to be heard by the court. However, you do not need your spouse’s “permission” or agreement to get a divorce. Fighting it, though, does increase the financial and emotional costs of the process.

What about legal separation?

You can get a legal separation, which will, in essence, give you all the “benefits” of a divorce without obtaining a divorce. This is an option for people who need to remain as a dependent of the other spouse for financial reasons, such as medical coverage, or for religious reasons.

What if I am served divorce papers?

You need to promptly and formally respond to avoid the other side getting court orders in your absence.

What if I am in the military and want a divorce?

You can still get a divorce in Washington if you are in the military. Any rights or benefits you receive from the military will be factored into the divorce process.

Why hire a divorce attorney?

Divorce is a complicated process. In the divorce process, you only get one chance to have it done correctly. You need an attorney to help you navigate the process and to make sure all your rights are represented.

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