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Parents who wish to move out of the area with their children must file a Notice of Intent to Relocate the Children. Often, the other parent does not want the children to be moved and must file an Objection to the Relocation of the Children. The parents then face a proceeding to modify their final parenting plan that can be more upsetting than when the parents’ final parenting plan was originally established.

  • Since the relocation statute went into effect in 2000, we at Lutz & Associates, P.S., have been helping families who wish to relocate with their children or those who face the possibility that their children will be moved away from them. Our exceptional family law attorneys and staff have significant experience resolving these types of cases. We are ready to help you.
  • When parents wish to relocate with their children or object to such a relocation, the children face the possible loss of significant time with the parent who does not move. The legal issues of the relocation law are complicated. We work to ensure that our clients understand this complicated process and are able to address the legal requirements. If the relocation of the children is permitted or a parent chooses to relocate without the children, we work to make sure that custody and visitation rights are preserved.
  • In some cases, parents may wonder how they can prepare to relocate children or object to any future attempt to relocate children before their final parenting plan is established. We can help you draft your final parenting plan to address the issue of future relocation.

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